Let us introduce ourselves

WELCOME to the Tivoli Establishment

The Tivoli Establishment was taken over by our family in the year 2000, and within a few years we transformed it into a reference point for tourism in Grado.

This was not just a lucky investment, but above all a fantastic story of family commitment: the Tivoli Establishment is not just a beach combining relaxation and entertainment, sports and rest, but a group of people who make it unique with their interaction.

The Lauto family and their staff.
All the fun in the world


The Tivoli is an interactive establishment in which the canonical offer comprising relaxation, beach umbrella areas, sunbeds and exclusive seafront gazebos is flanked by many sports activities: from SUP to swimming, from skateboarding to windsurfing, from canoeing to cycling.

However you choose to spend your day by the seaside, our aperitifs at the kiosk offer the opportunity to enjoy a seafront cocktail or a candlelit dinner in the nearby fresh fish restaurant in our golfo di Trieste.

Our staff

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