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The Tivoli bathing establishment is not just a beach combining relaxation and entertainment, sports and rest, but a group of people who make it unique with their interaction.

The Lauto family and their staff.

Sunbeds and beach umbrellas




Skateboarding, SUP and sports

Events and parties

bathing establishment

beach, MUSIC, fun

From sunrise to sunset, the Tivoli Establishment is ready to welcome you on the Côte d’Azure shoreline for your summer holidays and for special moments in your life, in its exclusive lido in Grado.

The Tivoli is not simply a beach, but a truly heavenly location where your birthday, your corporate celebration, your wedding on the beach will transform into dream-like occasions. A simple day spent enjoying the seaside, sports, cocktails and music on offer will become an unforgettable emotion to be experienced and treasured.

SUP, kite-flying, skateboarding and entertainment services.

A different way of living the beach

The Tivoli is an interactive establishment in which the canonical offer comprising relaxation, beach umbrella areas, sunbeds and exclusive seafront gazebos is flanked by many sports activities: from SUP to swimming, from skateboarding to windsurfing, from canoeing to cycling…



After all, happiness is about having a house where you can take someone to share your gaze onto the sea.

Massimo Bisotti

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